December 5, 2022

Reasons to Give Employees Recognition Awards

Increasing employee morale and employee engagement almost has countless benefits for an organization. One quick way to increase employee morale and employee engagement is through recognizing stellar work and above-and-beyond performance.

Employees who receive timely recognition for their accomplishments will put in the extra mile, show up to work on time, and show significantly higher rates of loyalty to the company. No greater way to show appreciation than to gift employees recognition awards.

Employee Covers for Another

An employee who picks up the slack and puts in the extra hours should be recognized for his or her efforts. After all, a project doesn’t simply stop when one team member goes on vacation, gets sick, or decides to shift his attention elsewhere after the project has started.

Accepting someone else’s work responsibilities often means at least twice the work and extra correspondences. Employers should show that they recognize the effort. Failing to do so might result in otherwise hard-working, enthusiastic employees feeling dejected and underappreciated. You don’t want that!

Employee Volunteers for Extra Work

Another standout performance comes from an employee who volunteers to chip in on a project or stay a few hours extra one day for a last-second push on a particular project. Sometimes adversity separates the wheat from the chaff and the good employees from the truly stellar. That extra effort should be commended and recognized in a timely fashion.

Employee Takes the Lead

An employee who takes the lead without being asked to spearhead a particular project deserves to be acknowledged as well. When the employee defines a new task within a project that the employee’s requested and carves a new, useful path for the company, then that employee has shown himself to be a true leader. Recognition is justly deserved for such standout performance.

Employee Prevents Duplicate Work or Accident

Workplace accidents can cost employees potentially tens or hundreds of millions of dollars – an employee who spots a hazardous workplace condition should receive employee recognition.

Similarly, an employee who spots duplicate work, which would waste resources if undertaken, should be given formal recognition. After all, spotting hazardous conditions and duplicate work save the company money and shore up resources to accomplish even more important goals.

Employees are Nominated by Co-employees

Sometimes fellow employees have the best perspective to judge a truly exemplary effort. Employers might want to consider letting employees nominate each other for outstanding performance. One’s peers are often the most accurate judges of above-and-beyond effort from the trenches. Letting employees nominate each other also lends credibility and a democratic flavor to employee recognition.

Employee Consistently Burns the Midnight Oil

An employee who consistently puts in a few extra hours after work should be recognized for his or her extra effort. Although working overtime might not subjectively feel like “work” to an employee who’s completely absorbed in carrying out the job, that employee really is putting in an extra effort objectively for the company.

Recognition might not be expected by such an employee, but it will be well-received and set the right tone for other employees.